About Us

img-puzzle-largeToday’s economic and technology challenges are forcing organizations to develop innovative operating models while retaining their core competencies and expertise. Integrating new, more automated and efficient ways of conducting business demands superior strategic direction and speedy execution. Whether you’re striving to develop a center of excellence for your organization, agonizing over how to best deliver shared services to multiple locations, or looking to automate your in-house production workflow to drive higher profitability and efficiencies, IMG will guide you through your business challenges to help you drive rapid, measurable revenue growth for your company.

Integrated Methods Group (IMG) offers unmatched experience in helping clients streamline and transform their businesses into strategically focused more profitable entities. We utilize the principles of Lean Manufacturing as well as methodologies of Six Sigma to approach assessment, benchmarking, automation, and sourcing strategies that deliver process improvement and optimization of resources to identify efficiencies and generate cost savings.

Our services are uniquely focused in the document management and print communications market with direct industry experience and demonstrated success in:

  • Evaluation and impact of sourcing strategies
  • Streamlining operations through workflow optimization
  • Managing transition and operational changes
  • Delivering efficiencies that drive profitability improvement
  • Identifying expanded service opportunities
  • Continuous improvement strategies
  • Actionable plans for building your business
  • Sales improvement through specialized training
  • Customized marketing strategies
  • Marketing automation expertise

I like to work with people who ‘get’ where I’m heading with an idea or a train of thought, and who are willing to explore new ideas and create new approaches to problems.

Jim Tressler,
Director of Marketing
and Branch Operations,
C.P. Bourg