Case Studies

img-solutionsLarge Commercial Printer

A family owned company that was established in 1907 who has become a world leader in providing printed products to the mass entertainment and amusement industries. It continues to employ modern management techniques and the latest printing and computer technology and is poised to succeed into a second century of service to its vast array of customers.

The Client’s Challenge

This is a 100+ year old union company that focuses on ticket production and to survive in today’s economy was looking for opportunities to expand their services and applications as well as improve their current processes related to the ticket production processes.

IMG Solution
  • Conducted workflow evaluations and reviewed existing flow of operation from order entry through shipping. Conducted current and future state process mapping and staff interviews.
  • Provided insights and recommendations for MIS Solutions.
  • Provided insights and recommendations for web storefront solutions.
  • Developed a business plan and SWOT analysis in conjunction with the company’s senior team.
  • Analyzed new market and application opportunities based on Storefront implementation.
  • Provided marketing communications plan leveraging multiple touch-points including social media strategy.
  • Provided a roadmap and training program for production team on organizing and building templates to streamline workflow and maximize ROI on new applications.
Impact and Results
  • Implemented a web storefront ordering portal that increased CSR capacity by 70%, improved ship dates by 50% and improved customer responsiveness and offerings.
  • Defined and are in the process of implementing software solutions to automate order entry through print production to enhance current processes and build out new opportunities and increase profits.
  • Developed and defined a business strategy, new market focus and applications to ensure growth in revenues and profits for the present and future.