Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Custom ProgramsMost marketing executives understand the need to implement marketing automation in their organizations and have taken the first steps toward executing a marketing automation strategy. However, research from a January 2013 Gleanster survey cited that organizations that have not yet invested in this technology cite lack senior management support as one of the top three challenges to implementation.

Regardless of what stage of execution (or lack thereof) your organization is in concerning marketing automation, IMG is here to help.

IMG will work with your organization to map out a well-defined process for acquiring, implementing or building out your marketing automation strategy and planning.  Depending on where your organization is in the process, IMG can work with you to:

  • Evaluate and build an ROI for marketing automation investment – One of the most critical steps is gaining the full support of top management for the acquisition of marketing automation technology.  IMG can help you build a business case that will address both the qualitative and quantitative justifications for investing in marketing automation.
  • Marketing and campaign workflow process evaluation – IMG can help you define the most efficient workflow process for developing campaigns based on your company’s unique sales process.
  • Development of automated, multi-channel trigger campaign programs – If you are new to utilizing marketing automation, IMG can help get you started by working with your group to develop some preliminary campaign initiatives so you can be well on your way to realizing the true benefits of the technology.  Whether you need an Up-sell, cross-sell campaign or an acquisition/retention program, IMG can help you execute a campaign that will have you on track and on target.
  • Database consolidation and enhancement – At the core of every marketing program is a comprehensive customer database that needs to be fully optimized for marketing.  IMG will work with your team to get this database ready for action. Once cleaned and appended, you will be ready to exploit its true value.