Process Improvements

img-lean6-smallMeet Changing Market Demands and Competitive Pressures

Re-evaluating your corporate communications production processes should be a top priority for any company. A streamlined workflow results in cost benefits and acts as a market differentiator, enabling print service providers to do more with less.

So where do you begin?

Order Automation Evaluation

Order AutomationAutomating your marketing or print production processes can drastically reduce costs and also open up new business opportunities. Automation does not have to come through the expenditure of large amounts of capital. It can be as simple as eliminating redundant touches/processes or streamlining the flow of work through your organization.

The Team at IMG will conduct a discovery session to identify and understand, in detail, the objectives your company wants to achieve and outline a specific plan to help you conquer the roadblocks to improved ROI. Through a thorough facility analysis, process mapping, 5S and continuous improvement recommendations, IMG will define a path for your company to realize measureable improvement in your workflow process – a key component to reaching profitability goals. A highly streamlined workflow solution can help eliminate manual intervention, resulting in faster turnaround time as well as reduced error rates and labor costs. The time savings achieved from implementing an automated workflow can enable companies to manage higher volumes of work, add new and exciting value-added services, and increase profitability — all while making the printer much more competitive in their respective marketplaces.

Process Mapping

What is Process Mapping? Simply put, it is a very detailed process chart which shows every activity that must be completed in order to deliver a product or service to the end customer. This detailed map will allow for complete examination of your workflow and processes to be analyzed to highlight the non-value add and redundant touches in your processes. A process map will highlight problems and identify bottlenecks, redundancies, delays, or gaps. The elimination of non-value add and redundant touches will allow you to dramatically drive up your productivity and in turn increase your capacity levels with your existing equipment. Process Maps can be utilized to examine how departments are operating, how products are produced, and even taken to the level of how the operation of specific equipment or software is affecting profits. Process maps can be utilized to examine any process a company performs from order entry to deployment of marketing campaigns or the shipping of products.

5S Training and Implementation

One of the most powerful Lean Manufacturing Tools and a cornerstone of any successful implementation is that of 5S. When implemented, 5S is a structured program to systematically achieve total organization, cleanliness, and standardization in the workplace. The 5S elements are Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. 5S introduces standard operational practices to ensure efficient, repeatable and safe ways of working.

5S is a foundation program for improving performance and reducing costs which is the expectation when you implement a 5S program. It is utilized many times as the first introduction of Lean methodologies in a manufacturing operation. 5S is not just utilized for manufacturing as it fits in the office environment very well. 5S – everything has its place and everything must be kept clean and in its place. No more wondering around looking for a tool or reports.

Storefront Evaluation

You would have to be living under a rock to not know and understand how a web-to-print solution benefits your business. So why haven’t you implemented it yet? Or, if you have implemented one, why isn’t it working the way you imagined?

The bottom line is that often it takes complete objectivity to evaluate how a web-to-print solution needs to be incorporated into your workflow to achieve the benefits and ROI you can and should expect. There is much research to be done and questions answered before comparing solutions. IMG will guide you through the process via a host of services designed to deliver the best option and roadmap for implementation of this service for your continued success.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates

Technology Evaluation

Who can keep up with the next big thing in workflow and marketing automation? IMG. Who stays on top of marketing applications and trends affecting your customer’s next big investments? IMG. Who’s researching and evaluating where our industry is going? IMG. That’s our job. We have to continue bringing our customers fresh, new ideas to expand their businesses.

There are times, however, you simply need someone with a fresh perspective to look at your current situation and determine small tweaks that could dramatically improve your current situation. It really is the small steps that lead to big gains over the long haul. This is a specialty IMG savors. There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with our clients and showing them how to maximize what they already have to squeeze more profit out of their business.

Where else will you find the capital to invest in new technology?

Since your situation is unique, our services are customized to look at the areas of your business that are fundamental in maximizing your profitability.