Sales Training Workshops

Sales Training WorkshopsBusiness-to-business selling has been undergoing a revolution. Traditional sales methods are increasingly unproductive. In fact, aggressive sales styles and product-focused selling are now so outdated that some customers are simply refusing to meet with salespeople using these techniques. These customers find it more pleasant and more efficient to order online, and who can blame them? Information about product and service features is increasingly available online, so sales people find themselves in front of well-prepared customers. In this situation, focusing on product features in the sales meeting is a waste of everyone’s time. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that high-performing sales people are those who listen and respond, who are flexible, and who think in terms of developing a solution to an emerging customer problem.

IMG has developed a series of sales modules that can help bring your sales force up-to-speed on selling in this digitally charged environment. Whether you want to teach your sales people how to move up the ladder in an account or sell a new application you’ve added to your offering, IMG can help get you the training you need to help your sales and customer service teams hit the street running.

graphTraining Workshops

  • Solution Selling
  • Selling to the “C” Suite
  • Understanding the Ad Agency Market and How to Become their Partner
  • Selling Your New Online Storefront
  • Selling Digital Print and Variable Solutions
  • Custom Sales Training programs
    IMG can develop customized programs to meet your specific needs. Whether your production department needs training on setting up and producing templated products in your workflow or customer service needs training on talking to customers about new applications, we can design a program that will deliver the exact training your staff needs.

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