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Enterprise ServicesIntegrated Methods Group (IMG) applies proven best practices for assessing and benchmarking the print environment in the enterprise office and/or in-plant print operation. We work with clients to develop a roadmap to execute a strong sourcing strategy, whether you are benchmarking internal operations against industry best practices, assessing and enhancing contracts with current providers, or considering outsourcing for business critical documents and marketing and communication initiatives.

Regardless of your company’s size, gaining control of documents is critical. Optimizing across the enterprise represents an enormous opportunity to improve business processes and drive cost savings. Download “Optimizing Your Print Environment – The Huge Unknown” to learn more about how companies implementing best practices and employing a holistic view, can typically realize savings in the 22% to 35% plus range.
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IMG works with organizations to create flexible, scalable and cost-effective service platforms for delivering and/or supporting print communications in the enterprise client environment. Through assessment and benchmarking analysis, we help your organization evaluate the range of service delivery options (both in-house and outsourced) to determine the strategy that best meets your organizations long-term objectives for their print and document management requirements.

Our team of print communication and document management specialists helps our clients:

  • Articulate their vision for a desired future state that supports long range business goals
  • Determine the decision criteria to be utilized that will best meet the pre-determined goals and objectives
  • Conduct assessments of the type of print output generated across the enterprise
  • Document the current print services, operations, and infrastructure to gain a full understanding of services delivered and operational complexity
  • Develop a baseline financial profile – assess the cost of current print services vs. possible outsourcing opportunities
  • Define a business case to address as well as rationalize an approach that can ultimately improve the overall manageability, services and costs associated to meet the organizations objectives
  • If outsourcing is the chosen strategy, IMG provides additional services such as:
    • Creation of actionable work plans for the successful execution of the sourcing strategy
    • Development of appropriate documentation for RFI’s, RFP’s, SLA’s, SOW’s and other documents as needed
    • Facilitates evaluation criteria and selection process for potential suppliers
    • Supports/conducts the negotiation and contracting process for the target print supplier(s)
    • Supports the transition and governance phase to the chosen supplier(s)
  • Identification of continuous improvement opportunities for additional operational improvements and cost savings

Examples of services provided by IMG in the following departments:

Office Print In-plant Print Production Facility Marketing/Sales Spend Communications Management Marketing Automation
  • SWOT
  • Desktop/MFP
  • User/Asset Utilization
  • Baseline of Current Services (Consumables, SMA, TCO)
  • Managed Print Services Elements/Analysis
  • User Analysis (Front Office/Back Office
  • Production Process Analysis
  • Baseline Assessment
    and Benchmarking
  • Capacity, Productivity Analysis
  • Current Sourcing Structure Assessment
  • Sourcing Strategies
  • Analysis of Materials – Volume, Type, Where and What Printed
  • Assessment of Print Spend
  • Process Analysis on Specified Materials
  • Evaluation of Print Mix based on Spend, Vendor and Sourcing Structure
  • Assess Division/
  • Identify and Evaluate Current Communications Process
  • Inventory of Current Solutions Deliverables
  • Assess Alignment Opportunities with Production/In-plant Sourcing Strategies
  • Customer Lifecycle Analysis
  • Identify Communication Enhancements based on Client Objectives
  • Develop Case for Integrated Automated Marketing Strategy
  • Assess Alignment Opportunities with Production/In-plant Sourcing Strategies