Case Studies

img-puzzle-largeGlobal Supplier of Office Products and Services

The Client’s Challenge

A global supplier of office products and services was looking for an outside perspective on their multiple regional print production facilities for improving their workflow processes to increase capacity, productivity and profitability. They were outsourcing a significant amount of production print work which created scheduling issues, missed deadlines, redundant processes and lower profitability.

IMG Solution
  • IMG conducted onsite visits and formalized assessments of workflow processes at the regional print production facilities.
  • IMG conducted a multi-day workshop with Senior Print Production Management and Regional Production Facility Managers to develop Process Maps showing current state processes and then created Future State maps to illustrate the new streamlined workflow process.
Impact and Results
  • Improved Cycle Time, Takt Time and Lead times in each production process area
  • Eliminated 16 touches by removing redundant non-value added touches without the addition of any automated software solutions
  • Removed one hour of process time per job which equated to 70,200 man hours saved over a one year period. This equated to 32 employees full-time hours. The reduction in production time alternatively freed up the print production devices and staff to enable them to produce the vast majority of the outsourced work
  • Additional savings of over $3.2 million in BHR’s . The increase in capacity and production capabilities eliminated the vast majority of the outsourcing of core print production products